Welcome to my love affair with the Mazda RX7 FD.  Is there anything on four wheels more beautiful?

Equally impressive as the head turning body is the 13B-REW engine. Easily able to make 500 RWHP and when combined with the 2862 pound weight the FD is a street rocket or track terror. Coleman Precision Rotaries would love to build your 13B-REW to CPR specs. Given the lack of new blocks I am happy to welcome your used engine for rebuild.   

The purpose of my new site in addition to soliciting your business is to share my knowledge of setup, suspension, engine technology, fueling, tuning, as well as my optimized system design.   

While the FD may be one of the ultimate head turners my affection for the car comes from a different angle.

I am a racer.

I love the light weight. I love the dynamic camber curve. I love the power. The stock car is crazy wonderful but responds to modding like no other. Properly modified, it has virtually no equal on a road course.  Given equal power, aero drag is such that it will have a 20 mph advantage over a Corvette ZO6 at the end of a mile.

The car is a rocket yet happy to go to the store or for an afternoon drive carving canyons while highway cruising at 21 mpg.

There are, of course, numerous ways to get what you want. I offer what has worked for me which may or may not appeal to you. Further, readers arrive here with differing levels of experience. I am assuming that it will be most helpful to leave no one confused, so I will be starting on all my subjects at base level. Those with advanced knowledge feel free to roll your eyes and speed to anything that might be of interest.

Should you have a question regarding the FD please don’t hesitate to email me and if it is helpful to the site I will add it to my content. 

2024 finds me switching to a Garrett G40-1150, road tuning and pointing towards  200+ miles per hour.



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