I hope you read the "Understanding the Turbo'd Rotary Section" prior to diving into the tuning section as all of the tuning hardware and software is predicated upon the fact that the turbo'd rotary makes an unusual amount of power per displacement and that creates large amounts of Combustion Chamber Pressure (CCP) and Combustion Chamber Heat (CCH). This necessitates top notch ignition and fuel service as well as an active knock system and accurate logging. A chain is as strong as it's weakest link and if you have a weak component anywhere in the support chain you will be quickly looking at a broken motor.

A properly supported tuned and fixtured 13 B-REW is not cheap but it is a lot less expensive if you do it once and do it correctly. If the budget forces any compromises i suggest you stretch the completion date until you can do it right.

The path to drama free power is to create the power by raising the boost, not leaning the Air Fuel Ratio or advancing the timing. 

The general opinion is that the rotary is a fragile engine.....   NO                                                                                                                                                                                                     

The rotary simply makes so much power per displacement that both dynamic and mechanical challenges emerge.

As we approach the care and feeding of this mighty engine we should always understand that we are dealing with large CCP and CCH, even around 350 rwhp

Fortunately, if the proper protocol is followed we can have a continually happy motor around 500 with occasional blasts to 600. A big “thank you” to all the 160,000 members of the RX7club as well as all fellow performance enthusiasts who have shared their experiences and knowledge.

Let’s get started with TUNING.