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SakeBomb Garage has you covered. Swap in a set of 13 inch 1.25 inch thick front rotors and don’t forget the larger diameter rear rotors for longitudinal brake balance.

Brake balance is really important if you are looking at shaving laptimes. Ideally you want as much rear brake as you can get in the car without spinning out under braking. That’s yet another reason for having more rear weight helps as you can dial in more rear brakes. I run manual brakes with a cockpit adjustable balance bar.

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Just like almost everything on the FD the brake system is designed to deliver excellent performance for aggressive street driving. Take your FD to the track with uprated brake pads and if you are really driving hard you will run out of brakes in 3 laps.

 The FD lacks sufficient front rotor mass. 

Here’s a comparison between my RacingBrake front rotor and OE. Take a good look, yes, that really is the stock front FD rotor! Just fine for going to the store but not fine for more than a  lap full tilt.