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My dual purpose 3 inch exhaust with circulated wastegate was running over 160 mph just between the 1/4 and 3/8 mile markers and will return to the Texas Mile to best 200 this October 2019. i would be happy to build you an identical motor. As of May 2020 i will only build from new Mazda stock. Here's the process and cost:

You call and we chat about your situation. If you wish to proceed I send you freight paperwork so the shipping process is easy on your end and with my discounted rate both cheaper and faster than you might think.

I pick up your motor at the terminal and it generally is apart the next day complete with disassembly pictures and an incoming spec sheet.

After you see the pictures and spec sheet we talk and settle on a plan regarding build parts. You PayPal the parts expense. Most parts are transferred to you at my wholesale cost.

Upon arrival of the parts your motor is assembled. After a dynamic compression test  you are sent pictures of the build, a Final Spec Sheet and invoiced for labor and outgoing freight.

The process takes generally inside of three weeks.

Labor is a flat $1950 pus internal build parts.

Additional recommended items are a stud kit, about $400, and oilpan brace $125.

Paint and powder-coating is also available.

i have built over 130 motors to my CPR spec and during the last 9 years have of course uprated items whenever possible. i encourage all my engine customers to include me in their ongoing tuning/setup decisions. 

 Coleman Precision Rotaries Terms and Conditions


This document becomes a part of the sales invoice to the customer. Any customer who sends a motor to Coleman Precision Rotaries or orders any item from Coleman Precisions Rotaries is agreeing to the below Terms and Conditions.


1.Once received, motors are inspected and an estimated cost of repair parts are provided to the customer. The process of repairing the motor will not proceed until that payment and part of the labor fee is received.

2.Once the repair process begins, the customer understands that further repairs may be necessitated. CPR will contact the customer and explain the issue and provide cost of the repair.

3.Once a motor is completed a Specifications Sheet will accompany the final billing. The motor will not be shipped until the final billing is paid in full.

4.There is no warranty expressed or implied regarding the rebuild of the motor other than the motor is per specifications provided.

5.Any insurance desired by the customer for the return shipping of the completed motor must be paid for by the customer and CPR needs to be aware of that requirement prior to securing transport for the motor.

6.Once a motor is delivered, CPR is not responsible for any issues arising out of incorrect installation of the motor, use of any other base fuel than gasoline, lack of a functioning Auxiliary Injection system, inadequate support systems (such as but not limited to fuel, ignition and cooling), improper break in. CPR will always be available to provide advice to properly address each of these challenges.

7.Damage to any motor that is caused by incorrect tuning of the motor either by the owner or individual/company hired by the motor is not considered to be the fault of CPR.

8.If a problem arises with the motor, the customer agrees to contact CPR for suggestions as to how to possibly cure the issue. CPR is willing to provide support to its customers.

9.Any motor that is disassembled by any other individual, shop or agent of the owner voids any responsibility of CPR to fix the motor.

10.CPR will repair motors of existing customers at no cost if the problem is deemed by CPR to be CPR’s fault. If the problem is deemed to not be CPR’s fault by CPR, the repair will be performed at a 25% labor discount plus parts.                                                                                                                           

Translated into common terms, if i cause the problem i fix it. If you cause the problem you fix it with an empathetic discount on my part.

i am available 7 days a week from around 8 A M til 3 P M and from 7 P M thru  8 P M before i build your motor and after i build your motor. i encourage my customers include me in any decisions. i look at my customers as partners and it doesn't end with the motor delivery as we both want an excellent outcome. i also support my customers if i can as to systems component acquisition.  (good pricing)...

contact me:

1-262-692-3093  Wisconsin landline

1-262-339-3858 cell




A lifetime of front line rotary racing experience re-translated into a dual purpose 13B-REW powerplant able to deliver 600 rwhp, and with the pedal off the metal, make 21 mpg on the highway. Dual purpose assassin.